Welcome to Vidmonial 2.0

Watch the full video below to get started:

Please follow the instructions below to access your purchase:

Step 1. Access Vidmonial Here & Create Your Account:

Vidmonial 2 Commercial Signup : https://www.bravinnapps.com/VM2Registration/Vidmonial2Commercial.aspx

Vidmonial 2 Enterprise : https://www.bravinnapps.com/VM2Registration/Vidmonial2Enterprise.aspx

Step 2. Subscribe for Vidmonial2 Updates and No-Hype Marketing Reviews from Expert Ben Murray:

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Step 3. How to Login Vidmonial2:

First, check your email for a receipt from JVzoo for your purchase.  

Find the payment ID as this will be your password to access.  


Then, use your Jvzoo Delivery email + Payment ID as password to log into the software. Click the button below to login:

For example, this user would use: murrayb1893@gmail.com password: AP-69G99646LB494743R

Login to Vidmonial2

  Step 5. Access Your Bonuses 

Step 6. Reach Out to the Vidmonial Team if Any Questions 

 For any issues or questions, please contact Rahil and Radu, the Vidmonial owners and team on support at


Thanks Again and Welcome to Vidmonial 2.0!

- Ben Murray (spokesperson for Vidmonial) and the Vidmonial Team (Bravinn Software)