VidAgency Ally Training

Please follow the tutorials below to get started.. 

Prospecting Clients from Google, Facebook, and Yellow Pages

Please make sure you have connected your Google Maps and Facebook API keys before using or this won't work. See the tutorials "Get Google APi Key" and "Get Facebook APi Key" below on how to do that if you are not sure. 

Using Email Templates and Email System 

Please make sure you have connected your SMTP settings or the sender will not work. Watch the tutorial below if you don't know how to do this.

CRM Dashboard

Website Analytics Feature

To upload to separate YouTube accounts, please make sure to log out of the previous one in the browser tab. 

How to Get Facebook API Key

How to Get Google API Key

Please note that as of July 26 Google Cloud API has changed the access to their API system. You will now need to submit your credit card information to use their Maps API to find the clients. However, you will not be charged for this, but it is now required. If you don't want to submit your credit card you can use Facebook and Yellow Pages instead. 

STEP 1. Sign up and Get Your Key


STEP 2. Make Sure Maps is Enabled. (Do this if you're new to Google Cloud Consule or if Your Key isn't Bring Up Results)

How to Connect SMTP

Step 1. – Enable SMTP mail inside your gmail account  

See this video below:

Step 2. Enter SMTP details inside VidAgency Ally Settings like this:

Enter STMP details  

– SMTP Server: – SMTP Port : 587 – SMTP Encryption: TLS – SMTP Username : gmail account – SMTP Password : gmail password  

Then click on ‘Submit’ button to save.